Key facts about the conference:

  1. More than 200 participants from Russia, China, UK, USA, CIS countries and EU
  2. 30 reports by leading experts of waterproofing industry
  3. Specialized exhibition AQUASTOP
  4. Networking with professionals from Russia and other countries

Waterproofing of underground and subterranean structures is a rather narrow field. Every season the Aquastop conference program takes into account the main trends in research that are important for Russia and other countries at the moment. Traditionally, among the speakers are representatives of the world's largest companies and research institutes.

This year the leading specialists of the industry will discuss innovative materials for waterproofing and criteria for their selection, methods of using membranes of different types, equipment for waterproofing works, and methods of rehabilitation and repair of underground structures. A separate topic for discussion will be quality control and regulations related to waterproofing of underground structures.

Участвуйте в Aquastop-2023 и будьте в курсе главных событий!


Тематика конференции AQUASTOP-2023: 

  • Modern waterproofing materials and their applications;
  • Criteria for selecting materials for waterproofing devices;
  • Properties and advantages of PVC and HDPE membranes;
  • Properties and advantages of seamless sprayed membranes;
  • Waterproofing systems using spray-on concrete;
  • Methods and equipment for waterproofing works;
  • Quality control of waterproofing works;
  • Operation and repair of waterproofing;
  • Tunnel drainage systems - ensuring durability of structures;
  • Normative base for waterproofing materials and works;
  • Successful experience in waterproofing of underground and buried structures;
  • Methods of drainage in the construction of tunnel structures;
  • Biodegradation of underground structures. Methods of sanitation.